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Music Education

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Version:   1.0
Platform:   Win98,WinXP
Price:   10.00 USD [Buy Now]
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License:   Shareware
Limitations:   It will be replaced by e-mail when payment is received
Date:   2006-02-24
Size:   1.43
Publisher:   J.P. Shankle

Lots of graphics to help you visualize what you are hearing

PLEASE READ THE "README FILES". The system is menu driven which makes it extremely easy to go from scales to chords, theory, dictation, solfeggio in any order. Scales are scales and they must be put to memory.Chords are the same. Theory must also be put to memory. Dictation and solfeggio range from simple to difficult. A piano keyboard is used to help visually picture the scales, chords, dictation and solfeggio. All the major scales are covered. All the minor scales (melodic/harmonic) are covered. The tonic, sub-dominent and dominent chords are covered with their 1st and 2nd inversions in both major and minor. I have also included some definitions. I know its not comprehensive enough but it s a start. Your computer MUST have speakers to use this system. The THEORY covers how scales are composed, time values, how chords are formed, key signatures, how to take dictation and notes on solfege. There is a facility to print the scales (major/minor). There are about 250 programs in this system and they were tested on Windows XP and 98 2nd ed. They were also tested on a 17" and 19" monitor. They are NOT intended for non Windows machines.

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