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Math Flash Cards

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Version:   1
Platform:   Win98,Windows2000,WinXP
Price:   5.00 USD [Buy Now]
Screenshot:   View Screenshot
License:   Shareware
Limitations:   60Uses
Date:   2005-09-12
Size:   1.26

Learn math the easy way. Practice with Math Flash Cards. Great for all ages.

With the ever increasing demands for basic math skills, Math Flash Cards helps provide an ideal way for your child to accelerate his or her math abilities. Math Flash Cards really work. Take time with your children to develop their math skills. It will be a tremendous benifit for them in school and life. Math Flash Cards is a simple program designed to provide direct exposure to the basics of addition, subrtaction, multiplication, and division. Select the difficulty level and the subject you would like your child to learn. Then watch as your child learns. Math Flash Cards is a great program for children of all ages. Gain an increased ability to perform basic math problems by spending just a few minutes a day using Math Flash Cards!

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