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Jaikoz for Windows

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Version:   1.2.1
Platform:   WinXP
Price:   19 USD [Buy Now]
Screenshot:   View Screenshot
License:   Shareware
Limitations:   30Days
Date:   2005-09-18
Size:   12.40
Publisher:   JThink

Jaikoz is a Java based ID3 Tagger for tagging with large music collections.

Jaikoz is a Java based ID3 Tagger designed for dealing with large music collections. Key Features are: Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX Specifically designed to allow tagging of large number of audio files Integration with MusicBrainz allowing the lookup of meta-data from the MsuicBrainz Database for automated tagging Intelligent FileName to Tagger can extract information from the filename into the tag without having to know the format of the field Intelligent AutoMatch compares different Audio files and finds field matches and then allows all similar fields to be formatted the same. Intelligent AutoFormat provides automatic capitalization, conversion of special words and removal of invalid and punctuation characters. AutoCorrect can be used to perform automatic formatting of your chosen columns in a single click. The innovative split screen spreadsheet view allows easy editing of all fields. Provides full support of all text fields and partial support of all other fields. Automatically keeps v1 and v2 tags synchronised Full Unicode support allow any character from any language to be used. Easy conversion of tags between version. Displays what is actually contained in the tag allowing the user full control.

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