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Version:   2.4.7
Platform:   Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003,Mac OS X
Price:   816.00 USD [Buy Now]
Screenshot:   View Screenshot
License:   Commercial
Limitations:   30Days
Date:   2005-11-20
Size:   15.90
Publisher:   Suricatta Software

Computer Lab Management System. Access control, security, maintenance, metering

Computer Lab Management System. Increase efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness of your computer labs. Turn your lab into a production line. Automate all business processes in your computer lab. VeraLab supports LDAP (Active Directory) environments. A facility equipped with VeraLab will enjoy the following: Secure environment: Users are discouraged from unlawful activities. Check-in and locking prevents unauthorized access. Registration logs help identify abusers. Alert lists inform personnel of known abusers. List of running applications and screenshots can be captured. Lower software expenses through license management: A limited number of users can use certain software simultaneously. VeraLab provides you with many ways to monitor and respond to low- or out-of-license situations. High degree of control: Managers can see in real-time lab usage status from anywhere via the Internet. Improved employee attendance is encouraged by requiring employees to check in/out for their work shifts. Immunity from accusations of negligence: In case of hacker activity the system provides all necessary means to identify abusers. Increased availability of workstations: Equipment problems can be tracked and collaborated upon to ensure prompt resolution. Optimized occupancy: Fewer workstations are needed to process higher traffic. Lab assistants can view room occupancy in the entire lab and redirect users to less-occupied rooms. Better resource planning: Usage statistics help reveal shortages of equipment and estimate needed quantities. Cost of maintenance and downtime data help avoid buying from low quality vendors. Streamlined processes: Lab assistants do not need to communicate with technicians in person. Reporting capabilities: Attendance data can be collected and presented for payroll processing. Analytical data can be pulled into reports. Better lab scheduling: If there is a need to limit the lab s open hours, the system will pinpoint lower traffic periods.

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