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Tai Chi 3D

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Version:   1.0
Platform:   Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP
Price:   14.95 USD [Buy Now]
Screenshot:   View Screenshot
License:   Commercial
Limitations:   15Days
Date:   2004-05-17
Size:   1.79
Publisher:   ODC Software

Tai Chi 3D is software that helps you learn Tai Chi.

Tai Chi 3D is software that helps you learn Tai Chi. It describes each move of the Beijing 24 Step Simplified Taijiquan. The entire form is presented in two ways. Firstly, as a set of helpful notes that you can access just like a web site with the built-in web browser. And secondly as a series of fully three dimensional moving animations that you can view from any angle. You can select and play a single movement or the whole form, using controls that are similar to a video or CD player. Selecting a move automatically brings up the relevant notes about that move, and plays back the movement in real time, from any angle. While there is no substitute for instruction by a qualified teacher, many students find instructional books and videos helpful in remembering and practicing the form that they learn at class. Text, pictures, and video are all helpful in recalling the correct form, but often the nature of these media can limit their effectiveness. Text is a good way of conveying concepts, but can t show a body position as effectively as a picture. Pictures can t easily show the subtleties of movement. Video recordings can be difficult to navigate, and limit the number of camera views that are offered. Tai Chi 3D is a new and unique learning tool that combines the effectiveness of all these media while overcoming some of the limitations of books or videos. * Covers the full Beijing 24 Step Simplified Taijiquan form. * Integrates hypertext and 3-D animation for efficient and intuitive learning. * Realistic moving model demonstrates all the moves. * Built-in browser has links, navigation controls, and history of pages visited. * Easily select any move by choosing from a list. * Play a single move or play the whole form. * Camera can be turned, tilted, and zoomed to show the movement from various angles. * Playback speed can be adjusted to speed up or slow down the movements. * Registration entitles you to all future versions at no extra cost.

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